Terms Of Service

Each module license besides the download link includes the set of support services that are valid for 3 / 6 / 12 months. Once support period is expired the customer can use the module but without any services provided. Each module license can be extended.


All updates are free of charge for months from the date of purchase.

Pre-Sale Consultations

Feel free to ask us about questions that are not covered by our documentation. Pre-sale consultations can be provided for questions that are related to the module only. Consultations don't include coding questions but include information that helps customer to get the full understanding of the way how the module features work.

Post-Sale Consultations

Just like for pre-sale consultations, we don't provide code parts by demand to tweak or fine tune the module. The general questions explanation and rough guidance about the possible customization can be offered only. The questions that are not related to the module directly aren't accepted.


We have our extensions commented and documented well. All frequently asked questions are coming reflected in our documentation.


All extensions are provided with demo. This way you can check if extensions match your needs, and get the initial knowledge prior to purchase.

Bugs Fixing

Each Magento extension inherits Magento system requirements and appends its own ones. Customer must make sure the Magento installation corresponds to all Magento and extension requirements. You can find extension requirements on the product page. If any of the requirements are not met then we can't guarantee the correct extension work and proceed to the next steps.

If the installation matches requirements but the issue can be reproduced still then, please, send us bug report providing with detailed information on steps to reproduce. It will allows us to identify the source of problem and provide an update in shortest possible terms.


The installation isn't included into the support package. But we can provide the installation as an additional service if needed.


We are not responsible for any adverse effects that may be caused by the modules installation. It is strongly recommended to make a backup before any modules installation / updates or to test the module on the test copy of live server first.


Refund can be provided within 30 days of purchase.