eComBricks is a Magento extension provider whose developers have more than 7 years of a considerable experience in the eCommerce industry. Our scope is a modules development, support, and customization. The flexible and effective solutions help customers to overcome any challenges that might come their way, giving them high-quality tools. We deliver webshop components in response to the most demanded and complex requirements which other companies cannot handle.

Our architects successfully implemented such well-known solutions as InnoExts's Multi-Warehouse and Advanced Pricing. Their outside-the-box thinking makes it possible to look into the problem from a different perspective and develop a new approach to make your website building much more easier and save your time and costs.

We keep abreast of Magento and apply this technology in order to bring innovative and present-day solutions. Our aim is to provide ecommerce merchants with more options and bricks in terms of configuring their Magento powered stores and ensure their success.