Single Page Products Manager User Guide


Single Page Products Manager extends the standard products grid in order to update any product information on the single page. You can update products doing less clicks and in a much faster way. There is no need to load a heavy product editor page with a large number of various sections and fields. Editing of each product section becomes accessible as a separate action in the grid. Just select a product action, correct needed attributes or related information and save the data. Inline editing of grid attributes including multiple rows editing is enabled as well. As a result product editing becomes more convenient and takes less time.

The distinctive feature of the module is that you can edit any product information (except Attribute Set attribute). Related products, tier prices, advanced inventory, reviews, images, custom options, websites, configurations, etc can be edited along with EAV attributes.


  1. Edit any product section in a separate fast loaded pop-up instead of loading the whole product in a new window.
  2. Any custom attribute group is available for editing as an action.
  3. Respects attributes positioning. You can move attributes from one attributes group to another on your own and the module handles it correctly.
  4. Supports all built-in product types
  5. Multiple inline products editing


Products manager is a standard Magento feature that Single Page Products Manager extends. On the admin menu, select Products → Catalog. You can manage the list of products here.

Once the module is installed, you can see Edit action replaced with the action menu.

The first action in the list is Edit Link product link by clicking which you can change a product information as before. Each next action represents a product section that can be edited separately in a pop-up. Any product attributes group can be managed as a section.

You can create custom attributes groups or change existing ones for an attribute set with a standard Magento feature: Stores → Attributes → Attribute Sets. Each attribute can be moved inside a group or a group can be changed. The module handles all custom attributes groups with any given attributes in them.

In addition to the attributes groups sections a number of custom sections are defined for a product like: Advanced Inventory, Custom Options, etc.

All standard Magento product types information editing is supported: bundle items, configurations, downloadable information, grouped.

The next feature is not unique but it is very important, too. Inline editing is enabled for the products grid similarly to how its done for CMS pages for example.

Click a product you want to change, modify attributes values, tap Save.

Multiple editing can be performed by selecting products you want to edit in the left column and selecting Edit in the mass actions menu.

This feature is similar to a single item inline editing but allows a multiple items update at once.