Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Platform: Magento 2

Multi-Vendor Marketplace turns a standard Magento installation into a multi-vendor / multi-seller marketplace. This way several sellers/vendors can unite their efforts and present a large variety of products on a single platform. Such a model can be attractive both for consumers and sellers. Consumers receive a large variety of products from a wide array of sellers for a competitive price. There is no need to spend much time and costs for sellers to start selling their products. Sellers are delegating time-consuming and costly tasks to a marketplace platform owner instead.

We don't reinvent a wheel and utilize most of the admin features power for vendors. As a result, vendors can manage their resources (products, orders, etc) similar to how an administrator does it with familiar interfaces. Plus, a lot of custom vendor-specific functionality added and we keep going to add more and to improve existing features according to our customer requirements.


Vendor Features

  • Configuration settings
    • Contacts
    • Sales
      • General
      • Checkout Totals Sort Order
      • Reorder
      • Invoice and Packing Slip Design
      • Minimum Order Amount
      • Gift Options
    • Sales Emails
    • PDF Print-outs
    • Checkout
      • Checkout Options
      • Shopping Cart
      • My Cart Link
      • Payment Failed Emails
    • Shipping Settings
      • Origin
      • Shipping Policy Parameters
    • Multishipping Settings
    • Shipping Methods
    • Payment Methods
  • Products manager to create individual products of all standard types.
  • Product in-line editor
  • Product section modal editor
  • Product change requests (pre-moderation)
  • Category change requests
  • Orders, invoices, shipments, credit memos, and transactions managers.
  • Catalog price rules
  • Cart price rules
  • Custom email templates
  • Checkout agreements
  • Dashboard

Administrator Features

  • Vendors manager
  • Vendor user roles editor to create vendor roles with selected privileges.
  • Vendor users manager to create vendor users with desired roles and assign them to vendors. A single vendor user can manage multiple vendors.
  • Manage configuration settings for each vendor on a global /website/store view level
  • Products manager that gives an ability to assign products to vendors.
  • Product in-line editor
  • Product section modal editor
  • Product change requests (pre-moderation)
  • Category change requests
  • Orders, invoices, shipments, credit memos and transactions by vendors. Each entity is assigned to a vendor.
  • Catalog price rules per vendor
  • Cart price rules per vendor
  • Vendor reviews
  • Custom email templates per vendor
  • Checkout agreements per vendor
  • Dashboard statistics for each vendor

Customer Features

  • Multi-vendor layered navigation
  • Multi-vendor mini-cart
  • Multi-vendor cart / multi-cart. A customer can switch between vendor carts and checkout. Concurrent checkout processes are enabled.
  • Multishipping checkout per vendor
  • Multi-cart API
  • Vendors page with vendors grid
  • View vendor information page with a tabbed interface similar to view product
  • Vendor reviews
  • Vendor products page
  • Contact vendor page
  • Product "Other vendor products" block
  • Vendor name is displayed on each order, invoice, shipment or credit memo