Custom Shipping Rates

Magento Open Source: 2.3, 2.4

Create custom shipping carriers, methods and rates with Expression Builder.

Custom Shipping Rates is a shipping extension with the ability to create unlimited multi-carrier shipping methods and shipping rates with extra-flexible, feature-rich Expression Builder. Restrict custom shipping methods and set shipping rates depending on cart, cart item and product attributes without any coding efforts with a single extension. For example, you can restrict shipping methods or set shipping rates by customer address, shipping origin address, currency, store, website, customer group, customer IP, cart and cart item amounts (subtotal, discount, amount, virtual amount), quantities, current time, weight or even by any product attribute like sku, categories, attribute set, custom attributes, etc. You can find the full attributes list in our detailed user guide. A solid amount of functions to operate with attributes and values can be found: comparison, logical, mathematical, string, date, aggregated. We are adding new supported attributes and functions instantly. Expression Builder automates the expressions creation process by providing an optimized user GUI. Another undoubted advantage of the extension which distinguishes it from others is the ability to process a large array of rules / expressions on the database server side. Maximum flexibility at maximum speed.


  • Ability to create custom shipping carriers, methods and rates for them
  • Advanced expression builder that supports cart, cart item and product attributes
  • v2.4.0 - Dec 17, 2020

    • Create custom shipping carriers, methods and rates with advanced expression builder.

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