All-in-One Shipping

Magento Open Source: 2.0.0 - 2.1.8

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Create custom shipping carriers, methods and rates, deny shipping methods, overwrite or discount shipping rates with advanced expression builder.

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All-in-One Shipping combines 3 extensions in it: Custom Shipping Rates, Adjust Shipping Rates and Restrict Shipping Methods. Thus, the extension allows to create custom multi-carrier shipping methods and shipping rates, restrict shipping methods and adjust shipping rates with extra-flexible, feature-rich Expression Builder. Manage custom and standard shipping methods availability, shipping pricing depending on cart, cart item and product attributes without any coding efforts with a single extension. Expression Builder automates the expressions creation process to estimate any given entity. Another undoubted advantage of the extension which distinguishes it from others is the ability to process a large array of rules / expressions on the database server side. Maximum flexibility at maximum speed.

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  • Enable custom carriers
  • Create custom conditional shipping methods
  • Create multiple conditional custom shipping rates, prioritize them
  • Create multiple conditional shipping rate adjustments, prioritize them
  • Create shipping methods restrictions
  • Overwrite or discount shipping rates
  • Set up conditions, rates and amounts with extremely flexible expression builder
  • Speedy expressions calculations on the database server side
  • v2.1.0 - Feb 26, 2017

    • Ability to create custom shipping carriers, methods and rates for them

    • Ability to create multiple shipping rate adjustments

    • Ability to create shipping method restrictions

    • Advanced expression builder that supports cart, cart item and product attributes